Thursday, January 25, 2007

Your BOMC Book Review

Not so long ago I was a “member” of the Book of the Month Club (BOMC). Every few weeks I received the glossy brochure with books I never bought and 6,000 pamphlets I perused to procrastinate from doing important things. Still, they were handy to read over lunch.

I sent a snappy email to BOMC, though, saying I wanted to quit. They sent me a neat little package saying now I could order 1 book, get 1 free, free shipping, and $5.00 off.

So there I was, over lunch, perusing this month’s selections and lo and behold came to this review:

…Pessl’s debut novel is complex yet compelling, erudite yet accessible. It combines the suspense of Hitchcock, the self-parody of Dave Eggers, and the storytelling gifts of Donna Tartt with a dazzling intelligence and wit entirely Pessl’s own.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t read a book with a review like that. I wonder if the reviewer even read it. And I wouldn’t want that kind of review about a book of mine. Or would I?

Which leads me to the question, what kind of BOMC book review would I want? After mulling this over and coming up with schmarmy phrases too sappy to print (but containing plenty of superlatives and words like "compassion" and "insight") I think it’s too premature to say, because whatever I say would be limiting to my unfinished work.

But what about you…what would your BOMC book review say?


Theresa Williams said...

Reading that sample review, I'm reminded of the Seinfeld episode about the clothes catalogue descriptions. Those always perplexed me, too! Well, hmmm, I'd like my review to say: "Winner of the Pulitzer Prize."

Erin said...

I would like mine to be simple and succinct--"Pure genius."