Sunday, January 08, 2006

Poor Woman's Maureen Dowd*

My Dear Friends,

Today I ready copies of my manuscript "What Killed Frizzy" to send out tomorrow (missed the .37 cent mailing). At long last, I finish something, put it in a bottle, and send it to sea. The thing is, I like this manuscript. It seems fresh and original. My 22 year old son sits in an easy chair and reads the whole thing today -- a high compliment, as he's not fond of reading -- and says, "it could be longer."

The story incorporates some of my new words (schmarmy and bureaucratina, the feminine of bureaucrat). The truly, truly odd thing is that I don't seem to care if anyone else likes it. I think it's good. What a momentous event. I have been overwhelmed by the simple tasks of marketing, copying, revising, addressing, and now I have gone and done it. It is truly a red letter day.

Yesterday I mentioned that I want my writing to traffic in emotional truth. I now need to work on what I mean by that. I am interested in love, death, sacrifice, and responsibility. You know, the everyday stuff of life. I love the comments you leave for me, so heartfelt and honest. These are not the themes of an 800 word column. Hence, I'm a "poor woman's Maureen Dowd."

*Thanks to SR for the title of my entry.

Tomorrow, I'll try to give you an out-take from Frizzy.



Anonymous said...

Hurrah! Congrats, girl--so psyched for you! Whoo-hoo!! (...and I'm not quite sure that's spelled right!) ;)

Anonymous said...

Doggone it! That was supposed to be cute! I meant to say "and I'm NOW quite sure that's spelled right!" re relevant entry in my blog...

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Beth!! Can't wait to read the excerpt(s). Knowing that you are happy with it must be so satisfying. Keep us posted on its reception!


Theresa Williams said...

Beth, this is so wonderful. When you say that you don't care if anyone else likes it, that YOU like it, I so totally understand what you mean. You are saying that you know, in your heart, it is good. It says the truth. Therefore, what else matters? You have truly "arrived." I remember the first time I had this revelation myself: this "knowing" that something I'd written was on target. I'm so glad this has happened for you. Keep going.